Melissa Brewerton, L.M.T. graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in July 2016. She was born and raised in Connecticut and has lived in Cheshire for 22 years. Melissa started her massage therapy career at Massage on Whitney and gained skills in a spa like setting with hot stones and aromatherapy. She also worked with a chiropractor doing therapeutic massages.

Melissa also specializes in hearing energy work. She incorporates accupressure and energy work into her deep tissue and Swedish massage.

​Lic # 009076

Seeking to help the body heal itself! We believes that the body can heal itself of almost any disease if given the chance. Unfortunately the things we do everyday tear the body down. Everything including the food we eat, not sleeping well, job and/or home stress damages the body. Yes, simply living and breathing everyday will do it. Massage is a way of reminding the body to be healthy. Given a chance and a helpful nudge, the body will heal.

Oriana Sworden, L.M.T. graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2001. She enjoys healing massage that ranges from relaxing Swedish massage (yes, relaxing can be very healing) to therapeutic deep tissue.

She enjoyed 2 years working at the St. George Day Spa where she had the opportunity to work in the spa environment performing everything from essential oil treatments and herbal body wraps to therapeutic massage.

She enjoyed 2 years working at the Spinal Institute of Southern Utah. Here she was able to utilize more of the deep tissue healing arts. She was able to provide pain relief for clients who suffered from whip lash, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Oriana has traveled all over the world through the United States Navy. Where she had two consecutive overseas tours in Italy and Iceland. She proudly served her country for five years. She was born here in Connecticut and has traveled the United States extensively. She also intends to return to school for training in Accupuncture.

MOST RECENTLY Oriana proudly worked with In Touch Massage and Spa LLC from 2004 to 2014. 

Lic # 003755

What you need to know about our massages! Every massage is tailored to you!And this is how it works. When you come in for the first time you will fill out a health In-Take form. You and your massage therapist will then sit down and go over your form. We will ask questions to determine your needs and wants during the session and tailor the massage to fit your needs. 

Always expect the unexpected!

The body is always changing and so are you. We like to stay current with the changes in you too, so we will ask what is new before the start of each massage you receive with us.

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