Pregnancy massage
This massage is custom designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for both mother and developing child. The benefits of prenatal massage include a reduction in tension, stress and decreases swelling in the lower extremities.

*Your safety is our first concern! If there have been any issues or concerns with your pregnancy we may ask for a doctors consent before proceeding with the massage.

This is for the athletes. Some stretching can be involved and work that is specific to your needs both pre and post event. It is also good for individual weather you are beginning a new workout routine, returning to exercise after a period of inactivity, or training for an event.


This massage is calming. The long sweeping strokes quiet the nervous system and let you unwind. This is not intended for focus work, but for relaxation and general improvement of the body and mental state. Swedish massage can be just right for your first massage.

Deep Tissue/Injury
This is a goal oriented or focused massage. If you have chronic pain, acute pain, or an injury, this is the massage for you. Not always the most relaxing at the time, this massage will improve blood flow, flexibility, and mobility in the affected area leaving you in better shape to heal.

Our Rates

15min       $20

30min       $40

60min       $80

90min       $120

We do many types of massage

Our Services

Couples Massage
Two people, two massage therapists, two tables, one room. This is a wonderful gift to give for the couple who has everything they already need. Share the moment!

Based on an ancient foot ritual, this treatment style is recorded as far back as early Egypt. This is the ultimate experience into relaxation through the feet. Find out how, stimulating the feet, can affect the whole body.

​​Energy work and Swedish Massage!! (new)

​This is a Swedish massage with and a twist!  Get a super relaxing Swedish massage plus the benefits of energy therapy worked into the session.

***Please ask for Melissa when booking this treatment****